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ObeEnd – World’s First Closed Loop Smart Wristband

Using Targeted Neuromodulation to Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

ObeEnd Wristband

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ObeEnd is a smart wristband designed for a better lifestyle. 

Built For Better Health

Combining neuromodulation and tracking features, ObeEnd is designed to help users overcome common roadblocks to achive a better lifestyle.

Targeted Neuromodulation

ObeEnd uses high precision electrical stimulation via PC6 to target specific regions in the central nervous system. Resulting in decreased gastric secretion and contraction.

Feel Better

ObeEnd provides personalized fitness goals with the objective to be more frequently active with increasingly higher productivity.

Perfectly Crafted

A closed-loop control system has been developed. The ObeEnd App would generate personalized electrical stimulation for optimal results.

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